Crystal Meanings | Are they Dependable?

Are Crystal Meanings Reliable?


Do you in finding that your standard crystal meanings and standard go-to correspondences are loyal?

For instance, has your go-to rose quartz or amethyst been as dependable nowadays? I’m no longer essentially asking in the event that they’re “weaker,” however are they no longer operating for you in the best way that you simply’ve come to depend on?

Or possibly it’s that they’re operating however they’re simply “other”.

I’m asking as a result of in all of the years I’ve been operating with and researching crystals, that is the primary time I’ve spotted the sort of large shift and plenty of others (scholars, graduates and such a lot of in our Crystal Circle of relatives) have introduced this to my consideration too. 

In a contemporary ballot I did; 82% mentioned that is the case for them. Whoa! That’s so much.

Crystals are hundreds of thousands of years previous, some are even billions of years previous. That’s only a drop within the bucket, within the grand scheme of a crystal’s existence cycle. Proper? So, most likely this shift in calories many people are experiencing is simply a part of a herbal cycle. It is also a metamorphosis in sure crystals’ vibrational frequencies. I’ll get into the “why” of that during just a little right here. 

Crystal Meanings – Influenced By means of Lively Shifts?

Citrine (The Baked Selection)

I’ve spotted in recent times that the baked number of Citrine turns out to have lowered with recognize to its energy. Now, the baked number of citrine is probably the most broadly to be had. It has extra of that orange tint to it. You’d be hard-pressed to seek out a big geode that’s real-deal citrine.

Me? I wish to keep away from man-made and man-altered up to conceivable, Babe.


Congo and Brazil citrine, now right here’s a unique animal! Each totally herbal and I like ’em. With those sorts ts of citrine, I’ve if truth be told discovered their energy to be amp’ed up. Brazil citrine is a superb crystal to select up, more cost effective than Congo citrine, on the other hand, tougher to spot it from the faux stuff for some. 

Rose Quartz

Now, this is an engaging one. I don’t individually in finding this to be true for myself, however a lot of our Crystal Circle of relatives Individuals are announcing that Rose Quartz is now not serving to with issues of the guts. Which, as you understand, is one thing it’s broadly believed to affect. Once more, no longer my non-public revel in with this crystal on the mo’ however it’s obviously going down to others. So, famous!

Veracruz Amethyst

Veracruz Amethyst is historically a go-to for calming the thoughts; a very good stone to paintings with when searching for help with meditation. Then again, this doesn’t appear to be the case anymore. Is that this true for you? This is probably not true for everyone around the board, simply one thing that I’ve spotted.




The way in which I take advantage of Selenite has modified as smartly. I’ve discovered that nowadays, I experience meditating with selenite. Which may be very bizarre as a result of I used to make use of Veracruz amethyst to try this.

Reason why is: selenite’s standard mega-impact upper frequency calories has appeared to have diminished its amplitude and calmed down fairly a little bit. I think like this can be a highest instance of the way a crystal isn’t essentially weaker however as a substitute operating extraordinarily smartly in every other capability.


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Moldavite is a crystal that’s historically thought to be to be super-high calories. Then again, in recent times, I and plenty of others have discovered it to be missing on this high quality. Which I’m positive you could possibly agree is fairly abnormal for moldavite.

Different Crystals Experiencing a Imaginable Power Shift

  • K2 Granite – aka K2 “jasper” has a grey and white modeled background with the gorgeous blue azurite spots in it. Oddly sufficient it kind of feels to have began to darken, which might point out that there’s an intense calories alternate going down with it.
  • Herkimer Diamond – but every other person who appears to be all of sudden missing with regard to its calories; lackluster, dampened
  • Smokey Quartz – a crystal that was once recognized for a gentler de-toxing calories. Lately numerous individuals are relating to it as their go-to crystal for full of life calories and excessive focal point; a brand new widespread fav too, while previously it was once no longer as widespread.

Cosmic Shifts

There’ve been some mega-energy shifts impacting no longer simply Earth however our whole Sun Device. I’m positive you’ve heard a lot of folks carry up the subject of local weather trade. Then again, local weather trade isn’t particular to Earth, ya know. It’s going down on quite a few different planets as smartly. The calories converting our Sun Device is clearly impacting (evolving) the energetics of our planet, Mama Earth. Because of this that Earth’s crystal beds are being impacted as smartly.

What might be inflicting most of these adjustments?

Smartly, scientists have lately came upon that gamma-ray ranges achieving our planet, have greater significantly.  Those bursts of cosmic rays come from large supernovae, quasars, all varieties of cosmic resources we’re surrounded through in house. 

three Causes Why our Publicity to Cosmic Rays is at the Upward push

  1. We’re within the Trendy Grand Sun Minimal

That means our Solar is in a state relative minimum task (few sunspots, prominences, flares, and many others). When our Solar is in a state of excessive task it creates an excessively robust protecting magnetic box.

2. Earth’s magnetic poles are moving

Earth’s poles affect Earth’s magnetic box. So, when the poles begin to shift, our extremely protecting magnetic defend turns into weaker.

three. Galactic Void 

Our sun machine isn’t sitting nonetheless simply floating in house.

Then, the Milky Means, as an entire, is spinning across the black hollow on the heart of the galaxy. Our Solar, too, travels in a spiral trail throughout the Milky Means, bringing all the planets that orbit it alongside for the journey. I LOVE how this video is helping us visualize our Sun Device’s vortex-voyage throughout the Milky Means galaxy:


As we vortex throughout the galaxy we’re now getting into a brand new zone, what we check with because the “Native Bubble”; a brand new house of the Milky Means the place it’s a form of void; there’s much less cosmic fuel and dirt on this “bubble” that will generally act as an extra protecting defend from the ones out of doors cosmic rays.

crystal meanings are they reliable - Crystal Meanings | Are they Dependable?

Graphic of The Native Bubble through NASA; changed from unique model through Consumer:Geni – (at the beginning uploaded to en.wikipedia right here), Public Area,

Hyperlinks to the Evidence

Informed ya I’d carry the receipts! 😉

Cosmic Power Transferring and The way it Impacts Us + Crystals

Can cosmic rays influence DNA? Sure. And it’s came about a couple of occasions previously. 

However, those rays can influence extra than simply DNA; they are able to spark volcanoes, earthquakes, and different tectonic task.

Right here’s the vital bit that without delay affects the crystals: scientists imagine the explanation cosmic rays influence tectonic task is that cosmic ray debris skinny out the silica-rich magma layer.

Because the temperature will increase, the calories additionally will increase. That means the silica-rich magma layer turns into thinner. So, there’s been a metamorphosis within the calories provide at an atomic and molecular stage!

So, principally, the shift we’re all feeling, the crystals are feeling as smartly.

The phrase “silica” refers to silicon dioxide (SiO2), which is what quartz is made from. (Amethyst is simply silicon dioxide with the extra inclusion of iron.) Additionally, I will have to point out that silicates are minerals that experience silica in it. That means it’s no longer simply silicon dioxide; it might be any mineral that has silica in it like black tourmaline. Silicates make up a lot of our crystals and scientists are giving us the knowledge that the cosmic rays are without delay impacting, scaling down the silica-rich magma and the silicates… all pointing to the opportunity of the silicates being the crystals maximum suffering from all of this.

Mild = Knowledge

I think those cosmic rays (gentle angles or “Angels” of Mild) lift inside of their light-encoded frequencies, data; equivalent to new methods and transformative overtones presenting themselves as DNA upgrades and crystal atomic reworking. That means, some crystals will likely be downloading superb intel!

Cosmic rays UPGRADE and alter all subject, together with crystals AND our DNA.

Additionally, let me deal with the ultimate a part of that observation relating to DNA: I’m positive some folks could be a little bit involved through the considered a metamorphosis in our DNA. I don’t really feel that is essentially harmful to our DNA… or our crystals.

Top-frequency cosmic rays are totally other from different man-made sorts of high-frequency radiation that may harm our DNA. 

1528083092 741 crystals for the color of the year 2018 ultraviolet - Crystal Meanings | Are they Dependable?

What I’m sayin’ is there’s a BIG DIFFERENCE between man-created and Supply-created high-frequency rays. So, you received’t in finding maximum scientists backing up that observation however this comes from a deep interior realizing:  

Cosmic rays are Supply-created, and due to this fact flawless, arranged data.

If Our Crystals Exchange…

The overall level I need to depart you with is that this…

If our crystals are converting we would possibly wish to re-learn find out how to engage with them transferring ahead; spend a while getting to grasp them far and wide once more. (And I very a lot look ahead to that have.)

That’s in reality all it comes all the way down to, and that’s precisely why I don’t educate my scholars to memorize crystal meanings or correspondences in my Qualified Crystal Healer Route.

I’d love to grasp, have you ever spotted that one of the most crystals you’re employed with have had an lively shift, appear other, extra robust or just now not give you the results you want? Let me know within the feedback down under! The extra enter we get from every different, the extra we will be able to jointly be taught and develop.

Crystal Blessings,

how to make crystal infused healing water - Crystal Meanings | Are they Dependable?

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