What Are The Solfeggio Frequencies?

What Are The Solfeggio Frequencies?

Solfege is the vocal word scale this is utilized in tune. You’ll most likely have heard skilled singers the usage of the music of ‘Doe a deer’ to heat up. The notes of the size are: do, re, mi, fa, so, los angeles, ti, do. There’s no coincidence in the usage of those sounds as every represents a scale of sound that has a corresponding frequency. The additional you progress up the size, the upper the tone and corresponding frequency.

There’s numerous mysticism round how this was once first found out. As such, I don’t wish to cross into an excessive amount of of the origins and building different to mention that the solfege can also be discovered within the Bible and it is strongly recommended that it is going again a lot additional in historical past.

The solfege scale was once used for melody, but additionally with the intention to imbue power/the divine into the songs being sung. The songs had been used as techniques to satisfy and have interaction with the divine for blessings, therapeutic, enlightenment and miracles.

What Are The Solfeggio Frequencies?

The Solfeggio Frequencies use the primary six vocal notes of the solfege scale. Every word has its corresponding frequency and its which means:

  • Do (in the beginning Ut) – 396 Hz – Liberation from all sorts of concern and guilt.
  • Re – 417 Hz – Assists in running with and bringing about alternate.
  • Mi – 528 Hz – Therapeutic (specifically DNA), miracles, abundance and transmutation.
  • Fa – 639 Hz – Dating therapeutic and sure connections.
  • So – 741 Hz – Psychic building and enlightenment.
  • L. a. – 852 Hz – Steadiness and non secular awakening.

Having access to those particular frequencies could also be really helpful in nearly any form of non secular and effort therapeutic practices.

Shamballa 528 goals to glue you with the energies of Shamballa and that of the miracle 528 frequency energies at the solfege scale.